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"A must-listen" Hans Gál, Violin Concerto, Thomas A. Irnberger, Roberto Paternostro / Israel Chamber Orchestra, Gramola

... another enterprising label: Gramola from the heart of Vienna. I could really include four Gál release in this list: Symphonies No.3 (Woods), No.1 (Zehetmair), No.2 (Zehetmair), and the Violin Concerto (Paternostro). It is the last-named that I feel most like singling out. [...] Thomas Albertus Irnberger, Roberto Paternostro, and the Israel Chamber Orchestra add just that extra little touch of lyrical sweetness to the work that makes it not just take off, but soar. A must-listen for the lover of the unknown ‘Third Viennese School’ of lost romantics à la E.W.Korngold, J.Marx, F.Mittler, etc.

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  • Hans Gál Violinkonzert